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Welcome to the Ojibwa Bowhunters Website

Ojibwa Bowhunters, established in 1945, is located in New Berlin, WI.  To see our exact location, click here.  We are the closest archery club to the Milwaukee area and it's suburbs.

Ojibwa Bowhunters is a true bowhunters archery club.  As our Articles of Incorporation in part state, the purpose of Ojibwa Bowhunters is "to foster, expand and perpetuate the practice of field archery, and the spirit of good fellowship and sportsmanship among all archers; to encourage the use of bow and arrow in the hunting of all legal game...".   While we have many non-hunting target archers who are members, Ojibwa Bowhunters is about hunters coming together to shoot our bows and talk hunting, and prepare for our favorite autumn pastime.  The Club is open year round to members, but there isn't a lot going on during the hunting season.

We have two 3-D fieldpoint ranges , a 3-D broadhead range, and a practice range with an elevated tower.  We run  leagues year round, and have both open and traditional shoots throughout much of the year.  We also have a  40' by 144' open air pavilion that is used for events, parties and our winter league.

Brian Tessman

Brian Tessman May 27, 1953- September 23, 2023T



Members, friends, and family of Ojibwa Bowhunters...

It is with great sadness that we share this news. Long
time Ojibwa member Brian Tessman has 
passed away.
Brian was a dedicated club member here at Ojibwa,
and also contributed so

much to archery and bowhunting as a whole.

If you are a friend of Brian, we have the following
memorial information we wish to share:

Arrow Arrangement request:

An “arrow bouquet” will be made from arrows from
Brian’s family, friends, and club members.

Please consider donating a signed arrow
(No broad heads or field points).

There will be a collection box placed at the Ojibwa
clubhouse. The arrows will then be made into

an arrangement for Brian’s services and then on
display at Brian’s place during hunting season.

Arrangements for Brian Tessmann:

Date: Monday, October 23, 2023

Time: 10:30a.m. service at 11:00a.m.


Christ Ev. Lutheran Church

W240 N3103 Pewaukee Rd

Pewaukee, WI 53072

Lunch to follow at the church

Please share with all who knew Brian.




Tim Blackwood



The following tribute was written by Todd Szmania

Brian Tessmann was a friend to Ojibwa, but more importantly he was a friend to archery.  When you've known someone for thirty plus years, it's hard to remember when you first met.  I remember talking to Brain and finding out that he thought I was a long-time Ojibwa member when he joined Ojibwa and I though he was a long-time member when I joined.  In reality be both joined about the same time.  To the best of my records and recollection it was sometime between 1988 and 1992.  Pretty sure it was before '92.  


We started going to Traditional Shoots.  At that time there was only two, Coon Rapids and Eau Claire.  These shoots were very well attended.  Coon Rapids at the time had over 600 shooters.  The light bulb went off in our heads and we can thank Brian for two Traditional shoots that we have to this day.  Our best attended shoots.


Brian did more than love archery.  He supported archery.  He was a Wisconsin Bowhunter Association since 1980, and a life member since 1996.


In 2004 Brian was a WBH Director.  The president at the time was Mark Houslet.  That fall, Mark killed a deer with a recurve glass laminated bow made by Earl Hoyt and given to Art LaHa in thanks for being able to hunt at 'The Bear' in Vilas County Wisconsin.  That bow was a piece of Wisconsin history.  It got Brain and Mark talking about preserving Wisconsin's rich archery history.  That started the Wisconsin Bowhunting Heritage Foundation.  Brian being the first President.


This all turned into the Wisconsin bowhunting museum.  It has the first modern deer bow kill in it.  This deer was killed by Roy Case on December 6, 1930.  The deer mount is preserved with all the equipment used to take it.  Roy Case and that deer are responsible for the start or our bow seasons, really the path we've chosen to follow.  Thanks to Brian for putting it in Clintonville, with other historically important items of Wisconsin bowhunting history.


Locally, Brian was also a member of Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club.  Joined in 1982, he served as president, board member, was on the scholarship and award committee.  He also wrote the foreword to the first record book,


Nationally, he joined the Professional Bowhunters Society in 1980, became a regular member and was on council 2010-12.  His membership to this club helped bring a PBS event to Ojibwa.  We hosted 'The Odd Year Gathering" multiple times.  The first time, late afternoon on Saturday, I walked out in the parking lot and counted 7 license plates from states other than Wisconsin.


Brian joined the Pope & Young Club in 1987.  Became a senior member in 2005 and started measuring for them in 1986.


Compton Traditional Bowhunters was started in 1999.  He joined in 2003 and became a life member in 2007.  


These are the affiliations I could track down.  For these organizations he scored 606 animals.  This is an incredible accomplishment.  The time commitment is not measurable.  A bear or a cat is a very simple measurement, but it still takes probably an hour when paperwork is included.  Plus, we can only guess at the animals scored which did not make the minimum or the animals that did and were not submitted to the appropriate club.


I'm happy to say, we, as Ojibwa Bowhunter, are very lucky.  Ojibwa Bowhunters was Brian's archery club and Brian Tessmann was our member. 


Todd Szmania


Traditional Shoot Bowjam 2018

2024 Brian Tessmann Memorial Traditional Shoot and Selfbow Jamboree
April 20 & 21
 Thanks to all who came out to shoot.  Your support and the stories you had to share about Brian were very much appreciated.

2024 Open House
May 18, 2024
Noon- 4 PM

Thanks to all who helped and to those who came out and checked out our Club.  This event was very successful, and we WILL do it again next year.
Thanks again!!

Select Pig Roast photos
Annual Pig Roast
June 15, 2024
Pig Roast Open Shoot June 15 & 16

 Thanks to everyone for another successful feast!

2024 Founder's day open Shoot
July 20 & 21
More information here

Youth Day 2024
July 27, 11 AM- 4 PM
More information here

Select Youth Day photos

2024 Summer Traditional Shoot and Bowjam

August 10th and 11th,2023
More information to follow

Questions/comments/want to investigate becoming a member?  Call-

President........Doug Rullmann.........847-529-1482
Vice President........Paul Shulman.........262-527-6461

Ojibwa Bowhunters is located here.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 511306.
New Berlin, Wi, 53151

Club Location (NOT the mailing address):
3045 Johnson Rd.
New Berlin, WI 53146