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Why Join Ojibwa?

Ojibwa Bowhunters of Milwaukee was founded in 1945 by archers in the area. Over the next seven decades Ojibwa grew to become a premier archery club in this area. The foresight and hard work of the founding members is a large reason that Ojibwa still exists today.

We have thirty four acres of land located on Johnson Road in western New Berlin, WI. This land is totally dedicated to archery. We have three separate field courses, as well as a practice range with shots at 70+ yards. All ranges are set up with safety in mind. We have large dirt berms behind our target set ups, reducing the number of lost arrows. We have several elevated stands scattered throughout the courses, all built with safety in mind. At the discretion of the Range Captain and his helpers the targets are available from April through September. We use the finest Rinehart 3D targets with an annual target budget around $10,000. We use block targets on the practice range and on the A Range during the winter months. We use Glendel Buck targets on the broadhead range during the summer months.
Our Club is divided about half and half between the compound  and traditional archers. The courses are set out with markers to accommodate both styles of archery.
We host several shoots throughout the year. We usually host two “trad” shoots annually and one or two open shoots per year. We have also hosted the “Odd Year Gathering” of the   Professional Bowhunters Society (PBS) over the last several years. One of our greatest revenue generators is our annual Pig Roast and Pig Roast Shoot. We serve as many as 400 dinners of roasted pork, stuffing, sauerkraut, and other trimmings. Our shoots are usually two day shoots, from morning until evening.  As a member, there are plenty of other opportunities to shoot. We have spring, summer, and winter leagues and open shooting throughout the year on most days.
We have a club house where you can purchase food, snacks, and drink.
We have a large (40’ X 144”) pavilion which is used for events and winter leagues.
We have a campground with state of the art electrical hookups.

The number one reason is our members. Many of our members are totally committed to making Ojibwa the best Club around. They serve in many capacities, whether it is as a Board member, a volunteer to make sure that the facilities and ranges are well maintained, or volunteering to help out at one of our many events throughout the year.
As a Club member, you can take part on the 2  designated hunts on the property. We have an annual “rabbit” hunt in February. We have an annual deer hunt on the property through a lottery system; whereby a member purchases a “chance” to hunt for a week on the property. The drawing is held in September and hunting in one week seasons start in October and last through January. Permitees are allowed to to hunt turkeys and coyotes as well, assuming all appropriate Wisconsin and New Berlin licenses and permits have been obtained.
You can find other archery clubs in the area; but why not join the best?

 You can learn more about becoming a new member of Ojibwa below.

Information for prospective new Ojibwa members

Membership Types

Single- Single memberships are for one adult.   Single members may or may not have spouses or children, but those family members may not shoot any of the Club's ranges except at events open to the public.   They may come to the Club at any time accompanied by the Single member.

Family- Family memberships are for married couples with or without children under the age of 12.  The families of Family memberships enjoy all Club privileges, including shooting on the ranges.

Couples- Couples memberships are for unmarried couples with or without children under the age of 12.  The families of Couples memberships enjoy all Club privileges, including shooting on the ranges.

Junior- Junior memberships are for children between the ages of 12 and 17.  Any member of a Single, Family, or Couples family who is turning 12 is automatically qualified to graduate to a Junior membership.  An applicant whose parents are not members of Ojibwa Bowhunters must have their parents or guardians accompany them to the Club to fill out the required paperwork.

Student- Student memberships are for high school students who have reached the age of 18 or for college students who can verify that they are presently carrying a minimum of 10 college credits.

Work Hours- Ojibwa Bowhunters is a voluntary organization.  There are many duties both obvious and subtle that are required to be performed for an organization like this to run.  It is a requirement of the By Laws that all members put in work to keep the Club functioning.  While there are no minimum number of hours required, it is expected that everyone will work in some capacity, and all members are required to turn in a worksheet identifying the committees they were on and/or the work they did to contribute to the Club's welfare.  Renewing members who have failed to put in a reasonable amount of work will be asked to come to a Board of Directors meeting to discuss the situation and it's rectification.

Annual Membership Prices
Single Membership- $100
Family Membership- $125
Couples Membership- $200
Junior Membership- $5

Hidden Fees
Wisconsin Bowhunters Association-  The Wisconsin Bowhunters Association (WBH) is the premier organization advocating for the rights of bowhunters in Wisconsin. 
With the exception of Junior members, it is a requirement that every Ojibwa membership type has one member who is also a member of the WBH.  Shortly after you join Ojibwa you will be asked to produce proof of this membership.  The WBH membership for one year is $25. 
One Time Initiation Fee- Like almost any club or organization, we require a onetime sign-up fee, which is $50 per new membership.
Pig Roast Contribution- The Pig Roast, held in June, is the largest fundraiser held by Ojibwa annually.  It was originally required that all members contribute door prizes to give away and a bag of charcoal.  To prevent aggravation, it was decided in the recent past to eliminate the record-keeping and chasing- around associated with the administration of this requirement by simply requiring each membership (again excluding Junior members) to pay $35 annually.

First time new members must join Ojibwa in person.  This is due to the need to be met in person and to receive an orientation on club benefits and member responsibilities, as well as a tour of the Club and a discussion of general safety and particularly range safety protocols.
Prospective new members should contact:

Tony Gatton, membership Chair- 414-232-6868
Doug Rullmann, Ojibwa President- 847-529-1482
Paul Shulman, Ojibwa Vice President- 262-527-6461